New Year/Comic Con Distractions


Hey yall!  I hope everyone had an awesome New Years!  Things have been slow moving this first week of the new year.  Though the art has been slow the business side has been rolling.  I have been learning how to be a better small business owner.  Luckily I have survived New Years and Comic Con with just minor muscle aches [my new blown glass baby dragon may have helped].  Now that the distractions of parties and amazing costumes has passed I am getting back to work on some new clay pieces.  I think I should probably work on another chainmail fashion piece, what do you guys think? Don’t worry production pictures to come!



Getting Started


Inspiration is a difficult thing to maintain.  When it hits you must give in and let it lead you where you are meant to go.  I was lucky with my latest collection, Terra Firma.  I have what seems like a never ending pit of inspiration in the clay.  Here we have a terracotta aromatherapy bracelet with three sterling silver chains.  Just ad a drop of your favorite essential oil to get that extra boost you may need for your day.