Hello and welcome!  I am Darcy Culp and I am a jewelry artist.  I am also ridiculously lucky enough to spend part of my time in New Orleans and part of my time on my farm and pecan orchard in Tennessee.  It’s just those combinations of city and country, of hard and soft, and of organic and inorganic that influence my metal and clay pieces.

Now I am not the best when it comes to blogging, so some days you may get beautiful pictures about my pieces and my process.  There will be other days where you just get goofy pictures and stories about my dog, or my inability to remember…well most things really.  The one thing I must not forget is to tell you that my jewelry can be found at CJ Nero Gallery in New Orleans on the corner of Spain and Burgundy.  I will also be setting up an Etsy shop soon where you can buy and request custom pieces.  Stay tuned to see how things grow around here!